Several years after undergoing radiation treatment in my throat and neck area, I started to have trouble with speech and swallowing. This proceeded to the point of becoming life-threatening. (Thank God for the Heimlich maneuver) The recommendation of a specialist was for radical surgery that would greatly change my life.

When I asked for other options , and acupuncture specifically , I was told at my stage to try anything.

I came to Kirksville Family Acupuncture on the recommendation of several friends of my daughter. I felt welcomed and comfortable on the first visit. After I explained my problems, I was told that the therapist had never worked with type of care. She did say she had read a periodical that could help. We tried and visible results appeared during the first treatment. I was able to move my tong side to side more than I had in the last two years. Continued treatment has greatly improved swallowing, tong movement and saliva production.

I would recommend Kirksville Family Acupuncture to anyone facing life altering medical treatment before permanent alteration is done to their body.


I came to Holly because of debilitating lower back pain caused by a degenerative spinal condition. I had been doing physical therapy faithfully for a long time, which helped a lot. But I had already reached maintenance level with that and still had enough pain on a daily basis that I was left with a qualitatively diminished lifestyle, and the sense of hopeless that follows. From my very first treatment with Holly, my pain decreased. I was able to get off all pain medication after my first two weeks of treatment. In two months’ time, I was doing almost everything I had been able to do before the onset of my condition! Anyone who has suffered with chronic pain can imagine the liberation I have felt. Holly has given me back my life! And she has empowered me with the hope and the confidence to reclaim my future.

Two pieces of advice for anyone in a similar situation: First, don’t put this off! Give it a try, and be up-front with Holly about any anxiety, doubts, or fears you may have about acupuncture. She has heard it all before and can walk you through the process of making informed choices about your treatment. One of the things I have appreciated the most is the holistic approach she takes to life and health. I have a lot of health problems and have always been frustrated by the tunnel-vision of traditional medicine: each remedy seems to set off another condition, ad infinitum. Holly helped me understand the integral interrelationship of all my issues and we have been able to identify and deal with the source of those issues instead of just treating individual symptoms. She has also been completely honest with me about the limitations of acupuncture in treating some of my conditions. I have been very impressed with the way she explains the options clearly and thoroughly, and describes everything she does during the sessions. My second piece of advice: Trust Holly’s judgment and skill. She has an intuitive sense of the right treatment for each session. Every single one of my sessions has been restorative.

I now see Holly periodically to keep my condition in check–(I continue my physical therapy too)–and have also started experimenting with other remedies. One relates to my allergies. For fifty years, I have been severely allergic to dust. Every allergy test I have ever had has shown that to be one of my worst allergies. After my first allergy acupuncture treatment with Holly (targeting that allergy), I made an appointment with my allergist and got re-tested. I’m an empiricist! That test showed my dust allergy had been reduced by half, for the first time ever.

SO: I’m not only a believer–I’m living proof that this stuff works!!


The past year and a half of acupuncture treatment with Holly has been a wonderful experience for me.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcomes some I had hoped for when I entered treatment and others that presented themselves as the process unfolded.  I will always look back on this time with some amusement even though I was excited to start the process acupuncture has always intrigued me I never understood how much I was afraid of the needles until my first appointment!  Thanks to Holly's good nature, encouragement and gentle touch, I have overcome my fear and now thoroughly enjoy all of my treatments.

While there were some early challenges to relaxing during treatment due to my needle phobia, the overall process has been so enlightening and enriching.  When I first talked with Holly, my main reason for coming to see her was to get over any final hurtles associated with my depression feeling tired and disconnected.  I look back and realize I held such a limited view of the possibilities of acupuncture!

Holly has been so supportive of me and where I am in life.  There has been so little judgment of me, and where others thought I should have been by now every appointment was dealt with in the Present, where I was today.  And this past year or so hasn't been without its highs and lows I've gotten married, dealt with many difficult issues at work and with family and friends.  And each time I've come through a difficult time, I become more aware of how I interact with others and when I need to take a step back to take care of myself.  I am really able to see the whole picture of my life and where I fit into it.

Holly has been an excellent practitioner, blending a wonderful mixture of utmost professionalism with her own brand of humor and love.  I have been so blessed to have worked with her.


Your treatments over the past two years were instrumental (in fact foundational) in sustaining and directing my energetic (and subsequent overall) health.  Make no mistake, your needles and insights have improved my well-being and enhanced my journey.  You have grace, intellect, heart and (as we say in athletics) you definitely got "game".  I strongly believe you to be gifted and learned at your craft.

Pat M.

I don't know how to express my appreciation for what you have done for Jason.  Being a nurse I was somewhat skeptical about the practice of acupuncture in the beginning, and then Jason's asthma began to improve after several treatments.  When he began seeing you he was using his medication four or five times daily, now he is using it one or two times weekly.  Jason feels better physically and this has affected him emotionally as well.  He feels better about himself and has more confidence.


Acupuncture and more specifically Holly, has had an amazing impact on my life.  Fairly skeptical and a little squeamish at first about the needles, I decided to start treatment in order to lean more about healing technique.

As we progressed through our sessions together, I began to relish not only in the inherent physical nature of acupuncture, but also a psychological aspect I had not expected.  Holly possesses a healing touch that is uncommon among most.  With relative ease, she unearths the lingering pains and hang-ups that underlie many physical ailments.  With the needles, Holly picked points on my body that complemented each other well and were effective for any acute ailments I suffered, such as severe menstrual cramps, flu-like symptoms, and tight muscles.  I feel very comfortable with Holly and trust her wholeheartedly.  She asked the tough questions that I often don't and won't take the time to think about myself, making me a stronger person.


I came to Holly seeking her help after recovering from a bout of pneumonia. I had finished with the breathing treatments and the course of antibiotics, and the doctor pronounced me 'healed.' Of course, I was far from it.  Holly helped me rebuild my immune system, repair the collateral damage of major antibiotics, and maybe even more importantly,  helped me to face the 'wake up call' of the illness and plot a new course towards health of mind, body and spirit.  She is truly a gifted healer.


When I first came I was coping with the death of my husband of 22 years, recovering from chemo, surgery and radiation and caring for my mother with Alzheimers in her home.  During treatment with you I found a general sense of well-being, I decided to try to live and grow spiritually and had less stress in my neck and shoulders.  You came into my life at a time when I most needed a positive force and you supported me physically and emotionally.

Pat C.

My most immediate problem was night sweats that were causing lack of sleep.  I think the treatments helped with the severity of that problem plus subsequent treatments gave me more energy and helped me to feel grounded in my life (because you listen to the person and gear the treatment to what is most pressing for the individual).  I also feel I have benefited from your knowledge of food and vitamins, and the latest information available.


When I first came to you, I wanted to work on getting my digestion and some related female menstrual issues under control.  This covered things like not sleeping well prior to my cycle, night sweats, having my tongue become painfully irritated and sore and my menstrual flow itself.

Over the course of our time together, I feel that progress has been made on all fronts.  I also have been given the tools to work on my diet and digestion issues.  Just this week, I experienced a relatively normal menstrual cycle with the initial "stagnant" blood that used to mark the beginning. It has been a pleasure to know you and I feel like I have learned so much in the time you have been around.  I think you are a gifted healer.

Pat S.

It has been a pleasure to work with you I have had other acupuncturists but you combine an intuitive sense with your knowledge to provide a treatment that often goes deeper than most.  As you know, I had a number of issues when I came most related to the effects of the chemo and my reaction to all the changes in my life.  Your treatments helped me feel more centered, calmer and often led to more relaxed states days after.

Mary Anne

Not only do I wholeheartedly believe that the treatments have helped me to get and stay pregnant, but they have kept my high-risk pregnancy not so high-risk.  My blood flow is great, I have only gained 26 pounds, I do not have horrible swelling, back pain and sciatica have been eliminated, fear and anxiety have been lessened (especially in the first trimester), my blood pressure is awesome, and I generally have a sense of well-being.  Our talks are so instrumental in helping me to process whatever is going on in my life and often to see things from and new and valuable perspective.  You help me to stay positive. You explain things so well and I appreciate being treated like a thinking human being when you explain what you are doing and why.  You've created an incredibly relaxing space one that feels safe and open.  It has been so wonderful to work with you.


When I first came to see you I was in pain with my sciatic nerve.  I was struggling to be able to drive any long distances due to the pain that would occur while sitting for any length of time.  With many treatments and your gifts of acupuncture, you were successful in helping me eliminate this problem.

I always loved chatting about nutrition and Yoga.  You have educated me to eat whole foods, use food-based products, and work through many emotional issues.  Thank you for helping me with my health issues.


When I first came to you I had severe cramps, anxiety, and stagnation.  You certainly helped me through these issues, and more.  I gained a trusted advisor and friend.  Your service was impeccable.


I had been growing increasingly frustrated and desperate about an assortment of embarrassing gastrointestinal problems, most notably the malodorous burping and flatulence.  The series of prescriptions recommended by my gastroenterologist produced little change and I was starting to avoid or cancel certain social situations when my system was acting up (which was quite often).  Holly took a very different approach to caring for my gastrointestinal imbalance, investigating and evaluating broader parameters of my life behavior.  She guided me to recognize the connections between the physical and emotional patterns of my life in a new way.  Through her care and teaching, I have incorporated this understanding into many other aspects of my health.

After several treatments with Holly, my gastrointestinal problems improved.  My system started to move more consistently and my digestion was less stagnant.  This created the opportunity for other, less annoying health issues to surface for consideration.  By the time, I was absent from a normal period for 18 months and the circulation in my extremities was very poor.  I was amazed at how Holly used minute needles to support and improve the movement of these systems.  She was always gentle, took care to ensure my comfort, and was willing to explain the reason for her actions.  My only complaint could be that I was unable to see her more often.  An unexpected component of acupuncture included the effective, yet subtle emotional care.  I did not realize how essential and enormously valuable this aspect of treatment would be for me.  The sessions always allowed time for discussion of stress and attitudes in life.  Through Holly's counseling, I discovered how my body responds to what is happening in my life and gives me signals when I need to slow down, eat better, or confront sadness.  Not only did Holly allow me to unload my emotions to her safe hold, she gave me the tools to manage emotions to maintain my health.

Holly is a gifted caregiver, counselor and teacher.  She creates a place of peace, acceptance, and security with presence, and her genuine devotion to improving the quality of my life is obvious.  I have grown and evolved in great ways from Holly's comprehensive care.


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