Sports Acupuncture

This program is for people who are trying to achieve their peak athletic performance. Olympic athletes are men and women who depend on their bodies to work expertly under stressful and difficult conditions. We can adopt some of their methods of healthcare for ourselves.

Most of us are never going to somersault into the air or hurl ourselves over a bar six feet above the ground but we can certainly learn some of the methods that these amazing athletes use to keep themselves in world class form.

1. Pain relief: Acupuncture is well known for its powerful ability to reduce and often eliminate pain. This is a huge attraction for athletes who are plagued by strain and injury. Using acupuncture to relieve pain, the athletes never have to worry about experiencing side effects from pharmaceutical drugs or failing a drug test. How does acupuncture alleviate pain?

There are several studies which have shown that when needles are inserted, they stimulate points that boost our natural painkillers. In one study, researchers at the University of Michigan (published by University of Michigan Health System in Journal of NeuroImage, Vol. 5, No. 83, 2009) found acupuncture affected the brain’s long-term ability to regulate pain.

2. Muscle relaxation: Athletes train for thousands of hours which is punishing to their bodies. Acupuncture reduces soreness from workouts and increases blood flow throughout the body. This helps athletes get ready for another day by relaxing their tight muscles and reducing inflammation.

3. Fast healing: When an athlete has to skip training or miss a competition, precious time is lost. Acupuncture helps injuries to heal faster so athletes do not miss valuable training time.

4. Energy enhancement and better sleep: Acupuncture boosts athletes’ energy when they are awake and helps them to sleep at night. The body repairs itself at night so sleeping well is vital to a good performance.

5. Improved blood flow: Acupuncture increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body.  A study from UCLA Medical Center (Responses of Nitric Oxide-cGMP Release in Acupuncture Point to Electroacupuncture in Human Skin In Vivo Using Dermal Microdialysis. In Microcirculation, 2009 May, 26:1-10) concludes that one reason acupuncture is effective is because the needles increase the release of nitric oxide throughout the body. Nitric Oxide causes the blood vessels to relax and to widen, thereby opening up the arteries. This allows better blood flow to the heart and your other important organs.

Treatment Duration

This treatment program is initially once a week for 4 to 12 weeks (depending on the severity of the condition), and can later be used for athletic tune-ups as needed.

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